How much is the ton-level price of virus transport media?

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Since the epidemic in 2020, people's lives have undergone great changes, and the national nucleic acid has gradually entered the normal state. Since the virus transport media can effectively detect whether the human body carries the new coronavirus, the demand has increased linearly during the epidemic. Professional virus transport media manufacturers, during this repeated epidemic period, a large number of customers will call to inquire about the price every day, so today we will talk about this issue.

How much is the ton-level price of virus transport media? You may ask 10 companies and you will get 10 different answers. This is a normal phenomenon. Each manufacturer's production equipment is different. Some are old manufacturers with many years of production experience. A large profit is given to customers. Such conscientious manufacturers often give customers a lower price in the attitude of stripping and selling more. However, some manufacturers may only be traders. As a middleman, they must also make profits. , Naturally, the price will be high, so it can directly save a lot of costs by finding a direct manufacturer of virus transport media.

Another factor that affects the price of virus transport media is the difference in the order quantity. Some people inquire about the price of one ton, while others are 10 tons or even hundreds of tons, so the price will naturally be different in different order intervals. It is the same as retail or wholesale. Large quantities are more favorable and the price is also applicable in the chemical industry. Therefore, when consulting the price of virus transport media, you must remember to express your order requirements clearly. This is very important, because high order quantities will often give you You have an unexpected price.

As the main product of nucleic acid detection, virus transport media has attracted the participation of countless manufacturers. With the increase of manufacturers, buyers will inevitably have to shop around. What kind of price is more reasonable cannot be generalized here, because Talking about price must be based on the premise that quality is guaranteed. If the quality is not guaranteed, then what is the use of lowering the price, so everyone remember to compare prices blindly.

Desheng Company produces inactivated and non-inactivated virus transport medias, not only with guaranteed quality but also with favorable prices, and has established a professional R&D team with 8 master's degrees, 6 doctoral degrees, and 20 professional and technical production personnel. People, continue to test and optimize the product. The virus transport media produced now has been widely praised by customers. The daily shipment is about 20-30 tons, and the shipment will be more in the future. Affecting Desheng's delivery speed is due to sufficient inventory support and a strong delivery team.