The role of HEPES buffer in skin care products

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HEPES plays a very important role in skin care products. It acts as a buffer for biological media. Due to its characteristics, HEPES is widely used in skin care products as a mild exfoliating ingredient. At the same time, it is used to improve rough skin and promote metabolism of the skin.

According to the needs of customers, many skin care brands provide products with different effects, such as improving the appearance of enlarged skin cells and easily clogged pores. The combination of high content of HEPES and urea gives full play to the mild exfoliating effect, as well as the good moisturizing and repairing ability.

So, this combo not only exfoliates but also repairs. Although the effect will be faster if the high concentration of AHA is handled properly, the combination of HEPES and urea is more suitable for long-term use, and the effect will be slow and mild, because HEPES itself is a buffer, so the pH value is ideal, unlike acid That requires a lower pH to function.

HEPES is also used in most serums to gently exfoliate and promote absorption. But the urea effect that needs to be matched will be ideal, and the moisturizing effect is also a bright spot.

There are many functions and advantages of HEPES buffer used in skin care products:

1. First, as a pH regulator, the pH range of cosmetics can be controlled for a long time to better maintain the activity of the microbial fermentation product extract. Effectively prolong and maintain the quality of cosmetics.

2. As a penetration enhancer, cosmetics can be better absorbed on the surface of human skin, and make cosmetics have the characteristics of quick effect, less dosage and good absorption.

3. Soften keratin and promote skin cell metabolism. It interacts with other ingredients of cosmetics to gently exfoliate aging keratinocytes, giving cosmetics a whitening and smooth skin effect.

4. It also has sunscreen and skin care functions, which can improve skin texture, pores and other problems.

As a biological buffer, HEPES is so useful both in cell culture and in skin care products that many skin care product manufacturers desire it. So if you want to buy high quality HEPES buffer or look for a more suitable manufacturer. Hubei Xindesheng also has more than ten years of experience in production and research and development of biological buffers. The products produced not only guarantee the quality, but also give you peace of mind after sales.