The role of Tris in cosmetics

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However, with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for cosmetics are also increasing. Tris is a product developed by our Desheng company. I only knew that it was a commonly used buffer before, but Tris is used in many cosmetics. What role can Tris play in cosmetics? Let's take a look at it together

Control of pH of Cosmetics by Tris

The commonly used role of TRIS in cosmetics is to adjust the pH, so as to improve the respiration efficiency of skin cells and prevent pore blockage. In addition, TRIS can be used as an odor regulator in cosmetics containing amine salts. Cosmetics containing amine salts will produce an amine odor when rubbed during application. Adding TRIS to cosmetics can avoid the generation of odor.

Tris increases compatibility between ingredients in cosmetics

Tris is a polyol, used in cosmetics, it can increase the compatibility between different ingredients of cosmetics, greatly improve the solubility of salicylic acid and other substances, and prevent the precipitation of salicylic acid. In addition, Tris can increase the dissolution of ingredients such as organic amines in cosmetics, reduce the occurrence of volatilization, and prevent the generation of odors.

The role of Tris in gels

The gelling agent solution is acidic after hydrolysis, and it is necessary to adjust the pH value to neutrality with Tris in order to achieve a good thickening effect or gelling effect. If it is adjusted with sodium hydroxide, although it can be adjusted to neutral, it will increase metal ions and reduce the moisturizing effect of skin care products. Tris itself is an alkaline substance, which can not only achieve a viscous effect by adjusting the pH of carbomer, but also act as a buffer, making the pH very stable.

The role of Tris in cosmetics is professionally explained here. In addition, we have to say that Tris (Tris) produced by Hubei Xindesheng has been used in cosmetics for a long time, and the feedback from customers is very good. good. In addition, it also has its own R&D team, production team, quality team, sales team, and after-sales team to provide high-quality services for the products, so that customers can buy with confidence.