Nucleic acid detection virus sample preservation solution is better to choose inactivated type or non-inactivated type

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At the beginning of the new year of 2022, when we were silent in the joyous atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the spirit of the women's football girls' persistence and hard work, the white epidemic in Guangxi has made everyone tense at all times. Safety awareness. In the three years from 2020 to now, the new coronavirus has been cunning and constantly breaking through mutations. From Delta to Omicron, the virus infection rate has increased dozens of times, and the world is still facing millions of people infected every day, which makes us shudder. In order to detect and block it in time, wherever there is an epidemic, our medical workers are there to help people do nucleic acid testing to screen out the infected people as soon as possible, so as to protect our lives.

In the process of submitting samples for nucleic acid testing, virus transport media is often used as a transport medium, otherwise, once the viral nucleic acid is destroyed, it may not be detected, resulting in false negatives. At present, there are two types of virus transport media: inactivated type and non-inactivated type. Which one is better for virus preservation and transportation for nucleic acid detection?

The difference between non-inactivated and inactivated virus transport medias:

Inactivated type: The virus transport media added with lysis salt is the inactivated virus transport media. The main purpose of Tris, lysis salt, EDTA, etc. in it is to lyse nucleic acid and release nucleic acid, so as to pass the subsequent real-time fluorescence RT-PCR. Nucleic acid detection is carried out to determine whether the sample contains viral characteristic nucleic acid, that is, whether it is infected with the virus. Non-inactivated type: In addition to the inactivated virus transport media, Desheng developed and produced a non-inactivated virus transport media, which does not contain cleavage salts, but preserves the virus with better integrity and higher detection rate. Nucleic acid detection can also be used for other research. The non-inactivated virus transport media is often infectious because of the virus, which requires very high operating environment and personnel. Once the specimen is contaminated, it will cause unpredictable consequences. In routine viral nucleic acid detection, if the detection environment cannot meet the requirements If required, it is recommended to use inactivated virus transport media, which is safer.

What precautions should be taken when using virus transport media

(1) It is forbidden to directly contact the collected personnel with the preservation solution that has placed the virus sample.

(2) It is forbidden to soak the swab with the preservation solution before sampling.

(3) This product is a one-time product, which is only used for the collection, transportation and storage of clinically collected virus specimens, and should not be used beyond the intended use.

(4) Do not use the product after the expiration date or if the product packaging is damaged.

(5) When collecting virus samples, professionals should strictly follow the sampling procedures. When testing samples, they should be operated in laboratories that meet the safety level.

(6) Specimens should be transported to the corresponding laboratory within 3 working days after collection, and the storage temperature should be 2~8 °C; if they cannot be delivered to the laboratory within 72 hours, they should be stored at low temperature, and repeated freezing and thawing of specimens should be avoided. .

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