What is the wholesale price of Tris?

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The old customers before the near future will have such feelings: "Does your price seem to be quite cheap?" "Your price for large quantities seems to be cheaper than others' prices, and the shipment is quite fast." It is not that we are cheap, but It's because others are more expensive, it's not that we ship fast, but we have stock in stock and are producing all the time!

As a manufacturer of Tris-Hydroxymethylaminomethane, the principle that Desheng has always followed in terms of price is that the price of raw materials will not increase, our price will remain basically unchanged, and customers who have long-term cooperation with old customers will enjoy the price of bulk goods, which is also for old customers. a kind of feedback! After the general market inquiry, many customers still choose Desheng. In addition to the price advantage, Desheng provides free sample testing. Strict quality control makes Desheng dare to do such a policy.

What is the wholesale price of Tris? You may ask 10 companies and you will get 10 answers. This is a normal phenomenon, because Tris is not so common now. Manufacturers with hydrogenation reactions are rare in China, and coupled with professional technology The blessing of the team is even more difficult, so most of the labels say that they belong to the manufacturer, which may be just a trader. Of course, this is not to say that the trade is not good, but the trader will have various quotations due to cost accounting, so 10 It is normal to get 10 prices at home.

If you want to ask Desheng what the wholesale price of Tris, Desheng is actually taking the bulk route. If you only order a small amount, you may feel that the price seems to be relatively high, but Desheng still has an advantage in the ton-level price. , of course, the premise is the same level. It is possible to ask why our tris is so expensive. Only after inquiring will we know that the indicators required by customers for PH adjustment in industrial environments are completely different, so When purchasing, you can communicate clearly the usage scenarios in advance, so that you can get a more accurate quotation!