Viral nucleic acid preservation solution manufacturers should choose this way!

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Nucleic acid preservation solution is also known as virus transport media. Some can be called RNA preservation solution. It is usually divided into inactivated type and non-inactivated type. During the epidemic, the demand for virus transport media has increased greatly. Many people do not have a clear direction when choosing a manufacturer. , I don't know how to start, because there are too many advertisements on the Internet. In fact, the outstanding quality and reliability of a manufacturer can make demanders more trustworthy. Today's article will focus on analyzing how to choose good quality. Trusted manufacturer of nucleic acid preservation solution.

1. Investigate the background of preservation solution manufacturers

Nucleic acid detection requires a series of complex and tedious processes such as obtaining samples, extracting sample nucleic acids, adding nucleic acids to kits, gene amplification and detection. As an important detection reagent for nucleic acid extraction, virus transport media must have a professional R&D team, sufficient resource background and professional ability to develop for a long time in order to do well. Property rights and professional production and research and development capabilities, production capacity and sales have also been greatly improved, so that all those who have used the product, whether it is an individual or a business, applaud.

2. Refer to the evaluation of cooperative customers

How effective the virus transport media is, I believe that the users of the product have more say. Gold and silver awards are not as good as the praise of customers. No matter how gorgeous the publicity is, it is not as real and natural as a real evaluation from customers. We are elated with the affirmation of customers. At the end of the service, the praise of customers is the test of our products and services. The litmus test, Desheng currently has more than 100 cooperative customers for virus sampling tube preservation solution, which has been well received by the market. If customers report that Desheng's products have any quality problems, they will promise to unconditionally return and exchange them, and professional after-sales technical guidance is provided, which is precisely the new The reason for the love and trust of old customers.

3. Whether to conduct strict assessment on production personnel

In order to ensure the quality of each batch of products, the supplier of high-quality nucleic acid preservation solution will not only conduct meticulous training for the staff responsible for production, but also conduct very strict assessments on the staff to ensure that each production process can be perfectly processed. Implementation, so as to effectively ensure the production quality of the product, the production of the product is a delicate work, a little carelessness will make mistakes, so strict assessment is very necessary.

Regarding how to choose a virus sampling tube preservation solution manufacturer, I will summarize these three points today. From this, it can be seen that Desheng's products are products that have undergone strict quality control and have high quality requirements. If you have purchase needs, you can contact customer service on the official website for free. Pick up samples, places are limited, first come first served!