How to configure TES buffer

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The Chinese name of TES buffer is trimethylolmethylaminoethanesulfonic acid, CAS number: 7365-44-8. It is composed of Tris-HCL, EDTA and SDS. Therefore, it is called TES, which is a pH buffer. It has a pKa value of 7.550 (I=0,25°C). It is one of Good's buffers and can be used to make buffered solutions in the pH range of 6.8–8.2. It is one of the components of the test yolk buffer medium used for semen refrigeration and transport.

Many products on the market are TES powder, and there are few prepared solvents. Because of the consideration of transportation and storage, they are generally sold in powder form. Many people may not know how to configure and use them after buying them. Let's take a look. How is TES configured into a solution?

Configuration method of 1L TES solution:

1. Prepare materials

229.25g TES powder, 800ml dH2O (distilled water), 10N sodium hydroxide, beaker.

2. Operation steps

① Pour 800ml of dH2O (distilled water) into a large beaker;

② 229.25 grams of TES powder is poured into a large beaker and mixed with dH2O (distilled water) to dissolve;

③ Adjust the solution to the required pH value with 10N sodium hydroxide;

④ Add dH2O to make the solution volume to 1L and the configuration is complete.

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