How to avoid lightning in wholesale of Tris

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How to better choose Tris without stepping on thunder? As a qualified purchaser, if you want to avoid mining pits on biochemical raw materials that are not very clear, you have to read the following items, especially the tris for biological buffers!

TRIS depends on the brand or the price/performance ratio

In fact, there are still relatively few manufacturers that actually produce Tris in China, not only have certain requirements for R&D technology, but also have requirements for the production environment and conditions, as well as the qualifications of manufacturers, but not many have these requirements at the same time. , and the market share of Tris does not seem to be in much demand compared to other biochemical raw materials. Therefore, there is a situation where small factories cannot produce, and large factories look down on them.

If you have a better understanding of the industry situation when you look at the brand, you can compare and negotiate more, but if it just sounds like a big brand, it may be just a name, and the manufacturer is looking for an OEM, so you can't get a better deal. prices at a good value.

A more rational purchasing company will pay more attention to cost performance, because it is more suitable for comparison in terms of quality and price. And these cost-effective production enterprises need to see whether there is a real company, whether there is a corporate entity, whether there are factories for reference and inspection, whether the products can be supplied in time, etc.

TRIS depends on purity or absorbance

Many companies will not tell you where the quality of the product is determined by tris. The simpler one is the purity. If it does not reach more than 99, it is basically not analytically pure. Of course, there are different detection methods. The resulting results are different, but no matter which detection method is used, the purity of more than 99 is a basic value.

Let's talk about absorbance. If it is only used in industry, the requirements for this item do not need to be too high. Of course, if you understand this value, you can check whether the quality inspection list has this item. If not, you can take it out and contact the manufacturer. Come to bargain. If it is used for buffering, the lower the value, the better. The normal value is less than 0.1%. It can be seen here that the quality is good or bad.

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