The Trend in Immunological Detection: Chemiluminescence

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Immunological detection is a relatively common laboratory detection method. With the development of high-throughput and automated detection methods in the future, chemiluminescence will be the general trend.

Chemiluminescence is an immunodiagnostic method that uses the specific reaction between antigens to determine the concentration of disease markers in the body, thereby judging the physical state of the human body. It is widely used in heart disease, infectious diseases, tumors, pregnancy detection, etc.

The barriers faced by chemiluminescence technology are: the concentration of the detected substance is low, requiring high precision of the entire detection system, and the reagent system and instrument environment are closed; due to the many steps in the detection process, automation is difficult; it involves many cutting-edge technologies, including physics , chemistry, biology, optics, all of them are indispensable.

Currently, the commonly used chemiluminescent reagents include direct chemiluminescent acridine ester and its derivatives, and indirect chemiluminescent reagent luminol and its derivatives. The properties of chemiluminescent reagents include sensitivity, accuracy, anti-interference ability, linear range, storage and bottle opening stability.

The basic principle of chemiluminescence: The phenomenon that the transition energy is released in the form of photons when the excited state returns to the ground state due to the transition of the substrate from the ground state to the excited state due to a chemical reaction (usually oxidation).

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