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Good's zwitterionic buffer is a buffer system developed by Good's team in 1960. This series of buffers is a specific buffer system specially developed for life science research, and MOPSO buffer is one of the Good's buffer series. a kind of. The Chinese name of MOPSO is 3-morpholine-2-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid. Like other Good's buffers, it does not participate in and does not interfere with the biochemical reaction process, and has no inhibitory effect on enzymatic chemical reactions, so it is specially used for organelles and extremely easy to use. Research work on denatured, pH-sensitive proteins and enzymes.

MOPSO has the following characteristics:

1. High solubility in water;

2. It is not easy to penetrate the biofilm;

3. Small salt effect;

4. The ion concentration, solution composition, temperature, etc. have little effect on dissociation;

5. Does not form complexes or precipitates with metal ions;

6. Small light absorption in the wavelength range of ultraviolet and visible light.

How to configure MOPSO:

1. Prepare 800 mL of distilled water (dH2O) in a beaker;

2. 112.63 grams of MOPSO powder was put into a beaker filled with distilled water (dH2O);

3. Adjust the solution in the beaker to the desired pH with 10% sodium hydroxide solution (10N NaOH);

4. Add distilled water (dH2O) until the volume is 1L and the configuration is complete.

Application of MOPSO:

1. A stable substrate solution can be prepared under the low temperature biochemical working conditions of the biological buffer, which is suitable for low temperature working experiments;

2. Used as a buffer system for the determination of by-products of biological treatment of marine crude oil;

3. To fix urine-derived cells, MOPSO-ethanol buffer system is usually prepared with MOPSO;

4. It can be used as one of the buffer components of charcoal yeast extract medium and copper-related analysis;

5. In the new liquid phase separation technology of capillary electrophoresis, MOPSO can be used as carrier electrolyte;

6. For the preparation of glutathione synthase crystals, it acts as a buffer;

7. Some physicochemical research methods such as fluorescence spectroscopy, spectrophotometry and isothermal titration calorimetry, etc., MOPSO buffer can be used in them;

8. The interaction between MOPSO and the peptide backbone of BSA can prevent the thermal denaturation of bovine serum albumin;

9. As one of the buffer components for copper-related analysis.

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