Which domestic serum separation gel is of good quality

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When we mention the product of serum separation gel, we think more about vacuum blood collection tubes. As an additive reagent, it is widely used in the separation process of analyzing and detecting various blood cells. Since the 1990s, a small number of blood collection tube manufacturers in my country have started the production and development of vacuum blood collection tubes. Due to the limitation of raw material technology, the progress is relatively slow. After rapid development in the 21st century, the domestic raw material production technology has been continuously innovated, especially the domestic serum separation gel, which has reached the international advanced level and fully meets the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Which is the best domestic serum separation gel?

Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Desheng Company) has been committed to the R&D and production of blood test reagents and polymer materials since 2005. It is a manufacturer of blood collection tubes, diagnostic reagents and polymer materials at home and abroad. Provide professional solutions and high-quality products and services. Among them, the serum separation gel product has undergone 4 generations, from the initial non-irradiation resistance, easy to aging to the current anti-irradiation, not easy to aging, the hydrophobic material is more inert, suitable for long-term blood preservation, and supports customization. The serum separation gel produced by Desheng has not only been recognized by well-known domestic customers, but also exported to dozens of foreign countries and regions.

The main advantages of Desheng's serum separation gel products:

1. The serum separation gel is physiologically inert and has good thixotropic properties and sealing properties;

2. It has anti-radiation performance and keeps the product unchanged under the condition of sterilization;

3. Desheng serum separation gel is in a stable state and can preserve the integrity of the original character of the sample for a long time;

4. The specific gravity of Desheng serum separation gel is accurate, which can accurately extract serum, plasma and other blood cells;

5. Desheng serum separation gel has obtained the Chinese national patent, with unique composition and process, with convenience and high efficiency

At present, according to the special needs of different customers, the separation gel produced by Desheng Company supports the customization of indicators. As a production and R&D enterprise, it has long-term stock dozens of tons of serum separation gel. For the common problems of serum separation gel in the market, 90% The above all have professional solutions to solve your worries. 17 years of unremitting efforts and services have made Desheng famous in the industry, providing various types of serum separation gels to meet the various needs of the market.