Uses and Precautions for BICINE Buffer

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Bicine buffer is one of Good's buffers. Its Chinese name is N,N-dihydroxyethyl glycine. Like other biological buffers, its main function is to adjust the pH environment. Its effective pH range is 7.6-9.0. Compared with TRIS, PBS, and HEPES buffers, its application is not so common, but its application fields are also relatively broad. Let's take a look at its specific applications and precautions for use.

Application of Bicine:

1. Commonly used in protein crystallization solutions;

2. It is widely used as a buffer in low temperature work experiments;

3. Kinetic study of quaternary transition state analog complex for creatine kinase reaction;

4. It is used for thin layer ion exchange chromatography for protein separation;

5. Used as a buffer in chromatography and polymerase chain reaction;

6. Used as a buffer for extracting enzymes from various plant species;

7. Used in electrophoresis buffer.

Precautions for the use of Bicine:

1. The company's BICINE buffer products have unique ingredients and processes, please do not mix with BICINE products produced by other suppliers to avoid defective products;

2. When preparing the solution used in the experiment, the required container should be washed with pure water more than 3 times before use, and avoid mixing with other substances;

3. It should be avoided that the temperature of the product changes drastically during storage, which will cause the product to deteriorate and lead to errors in the analysis results. It needs to be sealed and stored at room temperature and dry;

4. The configuration needs to be configured in strict accordance with the ratio, otherwise the experimental effect will be affected.

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