The reasons for the high sales of Desheng Carbomer 940/980 are as follows

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Carbomer has received high attention in the industry because it is one of the main ingredients in the hand sanitizer. In this context, batches of carbomer manufacturers have emerged in China. Affected by factors such as production capacity, quality, production capacity, transparency and viscosity, it is difficult for any manufacturer to satisfy customers in all aspects. , Desheng Carbomer's sales are so high that it can gain a firm foothold in the market. Obviously, more efforts must be made behind it.

1. Capacity upgrade

At present, Desheng has a professional production base and specially hired professional and technical personnel to maintain it throughout the whole process. In order to ensure the normal supply of carbomer, Desheng employees work overtime in a 24-hour shift system, making it possible to achieve a ton-level daily output. At the same time, the quality has been tested and also in line with various standards, comparable to international imported brands.

2. Excellent quality

The carbomer raw materials produced by Desheng Biochemical have passed a series of tests and inspections. All indexes are up to standard, and the transparency has been repeatedly recognized by customers. Whether it is appearance, light transmittance or viscosity, all parameters can satisfy customers. demand. Don't underestimate the transparency parameter. The transparency of Carbomer produced by many manufacturers is not ideal, which is one of the reasons why Desheng Carbomer is very popular among customers.

3. Professional after-sales team

Many customers do not know the correct way to use the product after they buy it back. Some of the skills of Carbomer in the use process, such as dissolution and dosage, are the problems that customers usually encounter. Desheng has a professional after-sales team. If you encounter any problems during use, there will be professionals to answer your questions.

4. Packaging on demand

The carbomer 940 produced by Desheng is first sealed in a non-toxic polypropylene plastic bag, and then put into a cardboard box with strong moisture resistance. If the product is purchased in a small amount, it is usually packed in a bag and sealed. If it is not used up at one time and is worried about getting wet, it can also be divided into multiple bags according to the needs of the customer, so there is no need to worry about the problem of storage after buying it back.

Desheng is one of the very good manufacturers made by Carbomer. At present, there are many customers in cooperation. With the continuous improvement of product quality, it has opened up a very good situation in the domestic and foreign markets. At present, the customers who cooperate with it are stable and repurchase. Yes, there are more discounts for large quantities, welcome to order co