Commonly used preparation methods of lithium heparin

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Lithium heparin is a chemical substance that can be used as an anticoagulant. The appearance is white amorphous powder. When using, it needs to be dissolved in deionized water or distilled water to prepare a solution with a certain concentration and content, and then added to the blood collection tube. Since it has very little effect on other ions, and lithium heparin does not contain excess ions, it is a very useful and widely used anticoagulant for clinical blood collection tubes. So what is the preparation method of lithium heparin? Today, the editor will introduce to you the commonly used preparation methods of lithium heparin.

Usually heparin is extracted from pig small intestine as the main raw material, and lithium heparin is made of heparin sodium as the raw material. It should be noted here that the titers of heparin sodium and heparin lithium are the same. How much titer of heparin lithium is needed, it is necessary to prepare the heparin sodium of the corresponding titer. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Adopt the method of combining polyacrylonitrile membrane separation and ethanol precipitant to obtain heparin sodium fine products.

2. After dissolving the obtained heparin sodium fine product, pre-cooling, it flows through the 732-type hydrogen cation resin column pre-treated and pre-cooled, and the effluent directly flows through the sand core funnel covered with lithium carbonate, and the filtrate is heparin. Lithium solution.

3. After concentrating the lithium heparin solution, it is precisely filtered through a micron filter membrane and then freeze-dried to obtain a white powder which is the finished product of lithium heparin.

The above method for preparing lithium heparin requires the preparation of high-quality heparin sodium as a raw material first, and the cost of raw materials is high, and the exchange process needs to be carried out under low temperature conditions, resulting in a large investment in hardware facilities for preparing lithium heparin and high production costs. The research provides a new method for preparing heparin lithium, which can solve the above problems. The general steps are: crude heparin enzymatic hydrolysis, then protein removal, oxidative decolorization, resin exchange, precipitation, dehydration, drying and pulverization to obtain heparin lithium fine products.

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