How amazing is the direct chemiluminescence of acridine esters

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Acridine esters are widely used direct chemiluminescence reagents with high quantum yields, and their chemiluminescence efficiency is usually 5 times or more than that of luminol. Acridine ester can directly chemiluminesce in alkaline hydrogen peroxide solution without adding catalyst and enhancer, the process is very simple, the reaction is rapid and the background is low. As a chemiluminescent reagent, acridine ester has many advantages such as good stability, easy storage, less interference, and higher signal-to-noise ratio, so it is widely used. Next, let's talk about some applications and properties of acridine ester chemiluminescence, let us feel its magic.

Acridine esters can react with all proteins containing amino groups. Acridine-labeled proteins can emit light without enzymatic catalysis. After adding excitation reagent, the system immediately releases photons, which can be detected with a 430nm standard photometer. Nucleic acids, antibodies, proteins, and polypeptides can be labeled with acridine. The labeled compound emits light rapidly in an alkaline hydrogen peroxide environment, and the labeled compound can be detected by collecting photons.
After research, DNA has enhanced properties for the chemiluminescence of acridine derivatives, and it is found that they can be used as DNA chemiluminescence probes, and a new chemiluminescence analysis system for determining DNA content has been established. Using acridine esters, a highly sensitive chemiluminescence analysis method for TSH can be established. Acridine esters can also be used for the detection of the tumor marker alpha-fetoprotein, and the analysis of immunoglobulins and related compounds. Acridine ester derivatives can be directly labeled on nucleic acid probes without catalyst and the luminescence quantum yield is not affected.
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