What are the different colors of the additives in blood vessels

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Blood vessels, everybody is not strange, went to the hospital to take a blood, would be used by blood vessels, the different color head cap in vitro blood vessels of the adopt of additives are different, and different colors of blood vessels, used to detect the project also is different, have what, respectively, the following introduce everyone to adopt the classification of the blood vessels and tube cap on behalf of the meaning of different colors.
Purple tube cap for blood vessels
Blood vessels containing edta-k2 anticoagulant are generally made by spray, so that the anticoagulant is evenly distributed on the wall of the tube, and the specimen is prepared as whole blood. In this way, the blood can be in even contact with dipotassium solution to achieve a better effect, is generally suitable for routine hematological testing.
Green tube cap for blood vessels
Also called heparin tube, collect blood vessels containing Heparin lithium, or Heparin sodium has the effect of antithrombin directly, can prolong specimen of blood coagulation time, generally for conventional biochemical detection and emergency plasma, has certain influence to some special biochemical projects, not suitable for blood clotting and blood routine test, heparin is a gene contains sulfuric acid mucopolysaccharide, with a strong negative charge, have to strengthen the role of antithrombin inactivated serine protease, so as to prevent the formation of thrombin, and preventing platelet aggregation and so on the many kinds of anticoagulation, usually 15 iu heparin anticoagulation 1 ml of blood.
Red tube cap for blood vessels
It is suitable for routine biochemical serum test without any additives. Disadvantages: insufficient centrifugation or incubation time, easy to form fibrin, and easy to block the pinhole of the device
Orange tube cap to collect blood vessels
Coagulant was added to the blood vessels, which activated fibrinase and promoted the soluble fibrin to form stable fibrin clots. The blood collected could quickly coagulate and centrifuge out, and the results could be obtained soon. It is generally applicable to some emergency experiments in hospitals.
Through understanding, we found that the  Blood collection tube additive  in different colors of headgear were different, and the corresponding examination was also different. Now DE sheng technology has been successfully developed to produce a new type of coagulant and soon put into market, its solidification time faster, ten minutes on centrifugal, meet a lot of want to quickly out of the hospital emergency experiment results of demand, DE sheng technology do blood vessels additive has been more than ten years of time, quality has been completely can compete with imports enterprises, welcome each big enterprise to come to ordering.