Buyer's Guide for Tris in Different Industries

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TRIS is a very commonly used biological buffer with a wide range of applications, and its purity and quality requirements are different for different industries. Many buyers do not know what quality products they should choose when purchasing Tris. Let's take a look at the points to pay attention to when purchasing Tris in different industries.

1. Used in industry

The structure of TRIS is simple, the central carbon atom is a tetrahedral structure, and it is composed of three hydroxymethyl groups and one amino group. It can undergo various substitutions and redox reactions, and is a very good compound. Typically, raw TRIS materials for industrial assembly do not require high-purity reagents. However, considering the large amount of consumption, we should look for raw material suppliers with great potential when purchasing to ensure sufficient supply.

2. For chemical detection

Tris is often used as a buffer to maintain pH in biochemical reactions. Tris is often used in combination with acids due to its weak base. Mainly used for nucleic acid, protein release, protein binding, detection of binding DNA, DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, etc. Since enzymes, proteins and many organs are involved in the immune system, the product requirements are relatively high, so the purchase needs to choose a manufacturer with many years of R&D and manufacturing experience, with high quality to ensure accurate chemical testing.

3. For pharmaceutical research and development

Tris is a commonly used tromethamine in medicine. It is often used in acute metabolic and respiratory acidemia. As a basic drug, it is used to correct acidosis without increasing carbon dioxide retention. Because it is used for medical purposes, all raw materials, production processes, product cleanliness, and ion content for the production of TRIS have strict requirements. The purchase of such products must be strict and cautious, and must be approved by manufacturers with pharmaceutical-grade formal production licenses. Buy.

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