Desheng speed: 10 tons of virus transport media can be loaded within one day

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Near the end of the year, the epidemic continues to spread across the country. "Delta" and "Omicron" have appeared in some provinces of our country one after another, which also casts a shadow over whether or not to go home for the Chinese New Year smoothly this year. Although the epidemic is spreading everywhere, our determination to overcome the epidemic remains firm. Today, there is encouraging news from the company. After the overnight production by Desheng people, 10 tons of virus transport media are guaranteed to be loaded and shipped smoothly.


Desheng virus transport media began during the epidemic in 2020. As a professional manufacturer and service provider of blood test reagents and polymer materials, Desheng Company gave full play to its high-tech advantages, mobilized the company's scientific research strength, and completed the virus transport media in a short time. R&D and production work, and assume certain social responsibilities.

There are two types of virus transport medias produced by Desheng Company: inactivated virus transport medias and non-inactivated virus transport medias. virus transport medias are often used for nasopharyngeal pathogen samples such as new crown, influenza, bird flu, hand, foot and mouth disease, and measles. collection, storage and transportation.

Inactivated virus transport media

The inactivated virus transport media is to lyse and inactivate the virus, and it can protect the testing personnel from the second infection of the virus. The inactivated virus transport media is mainly a virus lytic preservation solution improved from nucleic acid extraction lysate, which is added with a high concentration of lysis salt, which can quickly and efficiently deactivate the virus protein in the sample to be tested, and also contains RNase. The inhibitor can not only protect the viral nucleic acid from being degraded, but also ensure the integrity of the nucleic acid without affecting the subsequent detection results. Generally, it can be stored for 30 days at room temperature, saving the cost of virus samples and transportation.

Non-inactivated virus transport media

The non-inactivated virus transport media is to retain the protein shell of the virus and the DNA or RNA of the virus nucleic acid, so as to ensure the integrity of the nucleic acid of the virus sample during the inspection process. However, this preservation solution maintains the originality of virus samples to the greatest extent. It is a culture-type virus transport medium, mainly used for virus culture and isolation, and can be stored at 2-8°C for 24 hours.

Although 10 tons of virus transport media may be irrelevant to the national anti-epidemic impact, Desheng always insists that no matter the amount, as long as the customer needs it, Desheng will take "morality as the foundation, honesty first; customer first, symbiosis" "Win-win" concept, arrange production as soon as possible, strive to deliver goods before the logistics stop transportation, and ensure that customers receive them as soon as possible. If you need virus transport media or other blood collection tube reagents, please contact Desheng Company and we will serve you wholeheartedly.