Precautions for the use of acridinium ester chemiluminescence reagents

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Acridine ester series products are ultra-high sensitivity chemiluminescence substrate reagents developed by the company, with high detection sensitivity, no need for light source background interference, easy to automate operation. The coupling of acridinium ester with antigen-antibody for chemiluminescence immunoassay is an advanced and popular technology in the field of in vitro diagnosis.

According to the market performance in 2021, the growth of IVD in developed countries has slowed down significantly, while the growth in China is still growing, and the potential of China's IVD market is still huge. High-end biochemical reagents such as acridine esters are also gradually replacing imports. Therefore, domestic acridine esters and other chemiluminescent reagents will see significant growth in 2022.

Acridine ester luminescence principle:

Acridine ester has many different types, take (NSP-DMAE-NHS) as an example, this is a yellow powder, CAS No.: 194357-64-7, is an important direct chemiluminescence reagent, quantum yield higher, its chemiluminescence efficiency is higher, usually five times or even more than that of luminol. In alkaline H2O2 solution, when the acridine ester molecule is attacked by hydrogen peroxide ions, the substituents on the acridine ring can form an unstable dioxygen with the 9th carbon on the acridine ring and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). The ethane structure, which decomposes into CO2 and N-methylacridone in the electronically excited state, emits photons when returning to the ground state, and produces chemiluminescence.

Weighing of acridine esters

Acridine esters are usually stored frozen in the form of lyophilized powder. A little carelessness during weighing will cause loss, but loss can be avoided:

If there is a large amount of sub-packaging, you can directly use the sub-packaged bottle on the analytical balance and weigh it; if the sub-package amount is small, the bottle is too small to stand on the balance tray, you can use it first Peel and weigh the weighing paper, then carefully transfer to the dispensing container.

In addition, some experimenters found that the luminous efficiency of acridinium esters is high and sometimes low, which is usually caused by unstable labeling efficiency. A high value of luminous efficiency can be measured to indicate that there is no problem with acridinium esters emitting light, and unlabeled acridinium esters can be used. Do control experiments to judge.

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