Tris biochemical raw material manufacturer

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Desheng Biochemical is specialized in R&D and production of pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetic raw materials, biological buffers, blood collection tube additives, etc. The product quality is stable, and the quotation is also particularly advantageous. It is guaranteed for Tris with a wide range of use. Production of various specifications to meet a variety of needs.

Advantages of Desheng as a Tris manufacturer

There are still some manufacturers producing TRIS on the market, but the product quality can meet the needs of customers, and there are not many stable ones. The reason is the strength of the company. Desheng is an established biochemical reagent company established in 2005. From the initial blood collection tube additives to the current 6 series of products, Desheng has accumulated a lot of experience and is a relatively well-funded brand.

With Tris independent research and development production capacity

Many manufacturers only have production capacity, but lack research and development. This will not have much impact on the initial purchase, but it will expose hidden dangers in later use and problem handling, because manufacturers without research and development capabilities only know product production, but Can't solve product problems. Desheng has a biological buffer R&D team of 8 people, and there are three R&D personnel for tris-hydroxymethylaminomethane products, which can solve various TRIS problems very well.

Tris cost control

As a tris manufacturer, Desheng can give customers a more favorable price. This is not only an advantage of ordinary prices in the market. Among the manufacturers of the same category, Desheng uses more advanced production technology to control the unit cost. rate, can effectively save costs, so as to give customers more benefits!

The manufacturer of Tris biochemical raw materials, Desheng, has more than 10 years of experience in the biological buffer industry, and most of the products it produces are raw materials. Good blending is inseparable from the accumulation of word of mouth. Desheng tris products have high content and white crystals. Powder, also long-term supply to Europe and the United States and other countries, efficient delivery, Desheng focuses on the production of biochemical raw materials, welcome to inquire!