Congratulations to desheng technology for the successful development and production of new blood coagulant

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Today I have good news to inform you that the new blood coagulant developed and produced by desheng technology has been successfully sold on the market. Why did desheng develop the new coagulant? Of course, it is because the new coagulant has better performance advantages compared with the original coagulant. Everyone knows that only better products can create better services for customers.

What are the advantages of the new blood coagulant compared to the original blood coagulant today?


First, the appearance was compared. Those labeled A on the test tube were new coagulants, while those unlabeled were original coagulants.

The appearance of the new coagulant is suspension, with less precipitate in the cup and more precipitate in the bottom of the original cup. You can see the effect of spraying the coagulant evenly onto the wall of the tube, as shown below


Spray evenly and dry with a hair dryer first, because if the alcohol is not dried, it will cause hemolysis and hemolysis phenomenon. Drying after finished the vacuum tube, the next step is to blood, blood is completed, let stand at the same time, every minute picked up blood GuanPing put later to see if the blood coagulation, if after the flat, blood flow, so this time is the initial blood coagulation time, after the initial solidification, the vascular upside down, if you see a large number of serum precipitation, so this time is deep blood coagulation time, the image below for the new type of coagulant deep frozen state. You can see that the amount of serum released is quite large. That means the blood is already clotting very well.


In this experiment, we found that the deep coagulation time of the new coagulant and the original coagulant was 20 minutes. All achieved a very good solidification effect.


After completing all the experimental comparisons, we can clearly understand the advantages of the new coagulant.

Advantages of the new coagulant:

1. The initial coagulation time of blood is short, 3 minutes can be coagulated

2. Centrifuge for 10 minutes. After centrifugation, the serum is very clear and without magazine.

3. The amount of usage is very small. The amount of 20UL spraying on each tube will not cause the blockage of the spraying machine

4. The appearance is suspension, and there is less low sediment in the cup after standing


DE sheng technology at present, a new type of blood coagulant, has a large number of production, and now the sample has been recognised by many enterprise quality, believe that better coagulating effect, better products and services can bring more customers for a long time, in the future on the way forward DE sheng technology also will graduate students produce a better product, also warmly welcome each big enterprise business to our company on-the-spot investigation, the trial order DE sheng science and technology, a new type of coagulant products.