The luminescence principle of chemiluminescence reagent luminol

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Chemiluminescence reagent is an optical effect, and it has a wide range of applications, from chemiluminescence immuno-epidemic analysis to forensic medicine and even industrial biochemical applications. Luminol is a kind of chemical luminescence reagent. Its appearance is a pale yellow powdery substance. It is easily soluble in alkali, hardly soluble in dilute acid, and insoluble in water. In Germany in the 1820s, it was accidentally discovered that it could produce a light-emitting reaction with blood.

This discovery has attracted widespread attention in the forensic community because it can reveal bloodstains that are difficult to find with the naked eye and has high sensitivity, which undoubtedly makes it a "bright-star" detection reagent on the scene of many criminal investigation cases. Let’s take a closer look at this "Ming-Star"

Why can luminol make the bloodstain glow?

Luminol glows when it comes in contact with bloodstains because luminol is mixed with hydrogen peroxide and can be oxidized with some metal catalysts, such as iron and copper, after being dissolved in an alkaline solution. The human blood contains heme, and the component of heme contains iron.

Heme plays the role of a metal catalyst to produce an oxidation reaction when it comes into contact with luminol. When this reaction occurs, additional energy is produced, which emits in the form of photons to produce fluorescence. The higher the content of the metal catalyst, The stronger the reaction and the brighter the emitted fluorescence.

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