See you late! This product containing hydroxyethylpiperazine ethane sulfonic acid (HEPES) is too amazing

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The autumn and winter season is a disaster for all skin care children, especially for the big dry skin or the big oil skin, it is simply a beauty crematorium. Acne and pores fly together, and the fat is the same as blackheads-this is the status quo of the first oily skin polysaccharide. For some big-name cosmetics, scientists or R&D engineers apply hepes to products, and constantly try to find that they can solve many skin problems.

There are rows of patents under the xx group, and only one product of crystal water involves many patents:

The first patent is the application technology of HEPES for exfoliation (patent number: EP1337233B1). HEPES is a group of mixed raw materials, the main component is [hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid], which can promote keratin metabolism.

⭐The accumulation of keratin will cause roughness, unevenness and dull skin on the surface of the skin. Appropriate use of acidic ingredients can not only make the skin delicate, but also enhance the whiteness and permeability of the skin.

⭐The keratin metabolism will take away a part of melanin at the same time. Promoting the metabolism of melanin is also one of the important ways of whitening.

⭐Acne ​​and blackheads that are prone to oily skin are all related to clogged pores. Promoting keratin metabolism can clear the pores and prevent and improve the problem of acne and blackheads;

⭐There is no necessary causal relationship between large pores and keratin accumulation, but after peeling off the outer layer with the largest diameter, the pores will also look smaller. Although it is not comparable to medical beauty, the price/performance ratio is indeed high.

According to the human test data provided by the brand, using crystal water, other products with similar effects, and no products on the skin, the results show that the skin with crystal water has a significantly faster keratin renewal speed (the faster the fluorescent substance disappears, Explain that the faster the skin renewal rate)

HEPES is also a kind of biological buffering agent, used in skin care products, can make the skin maintain a relatively stable and long-lasting weak acid environment, inhibit the development of harmful bacteria, and help the skin to restore health as soon as possible. The question is, since the effect is so good, will it be very violent and exciting? HEPES and LHA octanoyl salicylic acid are moderately mild types of acid components. This product has recruited hundreds of people to test the tolerance of this product, and most sensitive skins can tolerate it.

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