Cosmetic thickener-carbomer type and matching introduction

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Thickener: After being dissolved or dispersed in water, it can increase the viscosity of the liquid and maintain the relatively stable hydrophilic polymer compound of the system. The molecular structure contains many hydrophilic groups, such as -0H, -NH2, -C00H, -COO, etc., which can hydrate with water molecules to form a high-viscosity macromolecular solution. Thickeners play an important role in cosmetics. , It has the functions of thickening, emulsifying, suspending and stabilizing.

Common thickeners for skin care

Starch: It can form gel in hot water. The enzyme hydrolyzes into dextrin first, then hydrolyzes into maltose, and finally completely hydrolyzes into glucose. In cosmetics, it can be used as a part of powder raw materials in powder products and gum in rouge. Viscosity and thickening agent.

Xanthan gum: Easily soluble in cold water and hot water, has ion resistance, has a reduced viscosity under pseudoplastic shear but can be restored, and is often used as a thickening agent in facial masks, essences, toners and other water agents, and the skin feels smooth , Avoid using it with quaternary ammonium salt preservatives.

Sclerotium gel: 100% natural gel, scleroglucan solution has special stability at high temperature, has good applicability in a wide range of pH values, and is very useful for a variety of electrolytes in the solution Tolerance, the solution has a high degree of pseudoplasticity. The viscosity of the solution does not change much with the rise and fall of temperature. It has a certain moisturizing effect and good skin feel. It is often used in facial masks and essences.


Organic synthetic thickener

Carbopol 940: short rheology, high viscosity, high clarity, low ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gel and cream

Carbopol 941: Long rheology, low viscosity, high clarity, medium ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gels and emulsions

Carbopol Ultrez 21, acrylate/C10-30 alkyl acrylate cross-linked copolymer: short rheology, used in gels, washing and cleaning products, high electrolyte products, creams, lotions.

Carbopol 980: very short rheology; high viscosity; high transparency; low ion resistance; low shear resistance; high yield value (suspension ability).

Carbomer U30: It has a thickening effect, has electrolyte resistance, is easy to use, can be processed and produced efficiently, and can be used in weak acid formulations.

Cosmetic thickener matching

1. Choose thickeners in the formulation of skin care systems, considering the pH value, stability, transparency, rheological shape, appearance color, electrolyte stability, and regulatory requirements of the formulation.

2. For example, if Carbomer 2020 is used as the ionic effect in the mask formula, there will be a risk of thinning. It is recommended to use Carbomer 940, U30 or hydroxyethyl cellulose as a thickener.

3. Thickeners with different pH ranges, such as U300 for acidic ones, 940 and U20 for neutral ones, and 941 for alkaline ones.

4. In general formulas, it is recommended to add thickeners in the form of matching, such as shear-resistant and non-shear-resistant composites, ion-resistant and ion-resistant composites, and thickeners with different thickening mechanisms. Enhance the stability of the formula and the risk of thinning due to some reason.

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