What is the difference between virus preservation solution and cell preservation solution

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For Xiaobai who is new to the knowledge of virus transport media, it is not so easy to distinguish the difference between virus transport media and cell preservation solution. Here is a brief introduction to the difference between them.

Composition and use of virus transport media

The virus transport media is a liquid that protects the virus to be tested by dipping the swab in the sampling tube. The stored sample can be used for subsequent nucleic acid extraction or purification. Wait for clinical trials. It is suitable for the collection, preservation and transportation of various common virus samples. The non-inactivated virus transport media currently studied by Desheng is based on Hank's solution, and is also added with BSA (bovine serum albumin) amino acids, vitamins and other viruses needed nutrient content.

Composition and use of cell preservation solution

The so-called cell preservation solution is a general-purpose cell cryopreservation solution. Cell cryopreservation is an important technical means for cell culture, introduction, preservation and to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment. The basic principle of cell cryopreservation and recovery is slow freezing. Fast melting, experiments have shown that this can preserve cell viability to the utmost extent. At present, glycerol or dimethyl sulfoxide is used as a protective agent for cell cryopreservation. These two substances can increase the permeability of cell membrane to water. In addition, slow freezing can make the water in the cell seep out of the cell and reduce the ice crystals in the cell. The formation of cells, thereby reducing cell damage caused by ice crystal formation, cell cryopreservation. The components of commonly used cryopreservation solutions are as follows: 20% serum (FBS), 10% DMSO, 70% 1640 culture medium; or 90% serum (FBS), 10% DMSO, which can prevent the formation of intracellular ice crystals. Add DMSO and FBS to DMEM, the content of each accounted for 10% of the total volume, and then filter the membrane and pack and store for later use.

In summary, the composition and use of virus transport media and cell preservation solution are completely different, and Desheng does not produce cell preservation solution. Since the successful development of Desheng virus transport media, its products have been widely used by customers at home and abroad. Recognized, especially since the large-scale testing of the new coronavirus, sales of virus transport medias have steadily increased. In July, the sales of Desheng virus transport medias have reached 1 million, and the product quality and quantity are guaranteed. It has never received any abnormal product from customers. The situation shows that the product is very mature, and all major companies are welcome to come and inspect.