Carbomer 940-the key ingredient in disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer

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Disposable antibacterial hand sanitizers are already very common in China. They can be seen in public places such as schools, hospitals and other public places. The love advertisements are also very good, and the impact is relatively strong: the intimate "hand" care for the family ; Removal of harmful bacteria, antibacterial power of 99.9%. I don’t know if you have ever paid attention to the ingredients in hand sanitizers. One of the key ingredients is carbomer. Maybe many people don’t know much about this product and don’t know what it is for. In this case, I will take you to familiarize yourself with the role of Carbomer.

Advantages of Carbomer 940

Carbomer is used in hand sanitizers mainly for alcohol disinfection gels. Carbomer 940 is more commonly used. During the epidemic, the demand for carbomer disinfection hand washing gels is very large. Compared with the traditional hand sanitizer, the hand sanitizer containing Carbomer 940 has many advantages. It can be used directly, no need to prepare other disinfection equipment, simple and fast. The gel state hand sanitizer can make the hands evenly spread during disinfection and disinfect thoroughly. And because of the low water content, it can have the effect of no-washing and quick-drying with the volatilization of alcohol, and can be used for rapid hand disinfection in shopping malls, stations and other places with large flow of people.

Carbomer Gel Homemade Steps Diagram

Considering the effectiveness and safety, you can choose a relatively easy-to-obtain 75% (V/V) medical alcohol and glycerin to make a simple no-wash hand sanitizer. The production method is as follows:

1. Measure 5mL glycerin and pour it into a clean and dry glass

2. Measure 100ml 75% (V/V) alcohol and pour it into a glass filled with glycerin

3. Stir gently to mix the glycerin and alcohol evenly

4. Pour into the bottling bottle

If there is no precise measuring tool, a small volume container can also be used, which is prepared by 1 volume of glycerin + 20 volume of 75% (V/V) alcohol. In this way, you can make your own hand sanitizer with an ethanol concentration of about 71.4% (V/V) and containing glycerin moisturizing effect. Those who are interested may wish to give it a try. To

How much ethanol concentration is appropriate

Hand-washing disinfection gels can be divided into foam type and non-foam type according to their form. Most of the non-foam type products are gel-like, and the active ingredient is more than 55% ethanol, and the ethanol content of some products even reaches more than 90%. In other words, 65-80% ethanol has the strongest bactericidal effect, and it has only antibacterial effect when the concentration is lower than 50%. Carbomer, glycerin, propylene glycol, water, plant extracts and other auxiliary materials are also added to the hand sanitizer system. So what role does carbomer play in the hand sanitizer?

It should be noted that the amount of Carbomer 940 in the no-wash disinfectant hand sanitizer needs to be moderate, too little will make the hand sanitizer too thin and may flow like water, and too high will cause the hand sanitizer to be too viscous, and the skin will feel bad. Getting worse. The hand sanitizer made of Carbomer 940 has a good anti-virus effect and a refreshing skin feel. Many customers report that the results are very good after using the samples provided by Desheng, and the viscosity and transparency can meet the requirements. It is trustworthy Manufacturer supplier.