Application of Carbomer 940 Polymer-Skin Care

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Facial skin care products and sunscreen products account for 65% and 10% of the global skin care product retail market respectively. This market is developing rapidly, with increasingly fierce competition, and consumers becoming more mature. Consumers who pay attention to the concept of time are always looking for a single product that is efficient and multi-effect. The high cost performance can not only save money, but also greatly save the time required for skin care. The fiercely competitive market drives brand owners to find better formulation solutions. Especially popular brands, especially hope to promote their brand value in their cost-effective all-in-one products.

This market demand puts forward higher requirements for formulators, that is, how to integrate more functions of a single product without increasing the complexity, cost, skin feel and stability risk of the formula. This is especially true in skin care products, sunscreen products, and makeup products. Taking sunscreen products as an example, in addition to considering the SPF value of the product, consumers will also pay attention to other properties such as anti-aging, firmness, ease of use, water resistance, non-stickiness, lightness and breathability. These properties are also equally important.

Polymer technology plays a very important role in the personal care industry. Carbomer polymers with different structures can provide functions such as thickening, changing rheological texture, stabilizing emulsification, forming film, regulating skin feel, and conditioning the skin. The ultimate challenge of polymer technology is to design a brand new product that provides all of the above features and is easy to use. Now, Desheng has realized this idea. Let us understand together what kind of properties the carbomer produced by Xia Desheng can bring to your skin care, sunscreen and make-up formulations.

Carbomer 940 produced by Desheng is used to develop skin care, cosmetics and sunscreen products. It has a wide range of compatibility, high efficiency, and provides a soft and powdery skin feel. In addition, it can also provide emulsion stability, rheology modification, and film formation. , Toner dispersion and other functions.

Main features and advantages:

✔ Multiple functions

✔ Special skin feel characteristics: soft, powdery after-feel

✔ Provides good thickening efficiency even with electrolyte

✔ Emulsification performance is not affected by HLB value

✔ Only 1% dosage can provide efficient film-forming performance, improve skin barrier, and reduce transdermal moisture loss

✔ Compatible with high content of metal oxides and clays

✔ Diversified texture experience

Desheng has a multi-storey factory building, adopts imported equipment for production, and has set up a professional team to be responsible for R&D and production management. Carbomer 940 has high quality, high production efficiency, sufficient stock in the warehouse, and delivery immediately after placing an order. If you have questions about product knowledge or are interested in understanding Desheng's products, please call us for details!