The application of Good's buffer MOPS is so powerful

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The full name of MOPS in Chinese is 3-morpholinopropanesulfonic acid, CSA number is 1132-61-2, and the appearance of the product is pure white crystalline powder. It is a member of biological buffers. It has good pH stability, high polarity, and A variety of chemical reagents and enzymes are inert, do not participate in or interfere with the process of biochemical reactions, and have no inhibitory effect on enzymatic chemical reactions, so they can be specially used for the research of organelles and extremely flexible and pH-sensitive proteins and enzymes. It can be used in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA/RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits.



The main application areas of MOPS as a buffer are as follows:

1. In vitro diagnosis: biochemical kits, DNA/RNA extraction kits and PCR kits.

2. Protein/nucleic acid separation and purification: electrophoresis running buffer, chromatography buffer.

3. Cell culture medium: used for the cultivation of bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells; however, the concentration higher than 20mM is not recommended for mammalian cells.

4. Biosynthesis: the buffer used in biosynthesis.

5. As the eluent in gel filtration chromatography;

6. Suitable for the determination of bicinchoninic acid (BCA);

7. Used in the study of electron transfer and phosphorylation of chloroplast thin layer preparation.


In addition, MOPS also has the following characteristics common to Good's buffer system:

1. The pKa value is between 6-8;

2. High solubility in water;

3. It is not easy to penetrate the biofilm;

4. The salt effect is small;

5. Ion concentration, solution composition and temperature have little effect on dissociation;

6. No compound or precipitation with metal ions;

7. The buffer is chemically stable;

8. For the absorption of 0.1mol·L aqueous solution in the ultraviolet region, the absorbance at 260 and 280nm wavelengths is as small as possible;

9. Easy to make high-purity salt.


The purity of MOPS produced by Desheng is greater than 99%, the water solubility is good, and the production process is stable. However, you should also pay attention to it in use. If the amount of use each time is small, you can use it after appropriate packaging. The buffer will easily change when exposed to light. Yellow and light yellow can be used completely, but it is not suitable to use after the color is too dark. Attention should be paid during use. For safety and health, please wear laboratory clothes and wear disposable gloves for operation. If you accidentally contact your eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately.