Desheng company reminds you of the precautions when doing nucleic acid testing

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Desheng is a new material technology company integrating R&D, production and sales. It has been established in 2005 for ten years. Among them, the core products are the raw material virus transporattion medium we are currently doing for nucleic acid testing, and the raw materials of hand-washing gel carbomer 940 and carbomer 980. As the epidemic hit again, a large-scale nucleic acid test was launched. Desheng reminds you of the points that need attention in nucleic acid detection.

What should I pay attention to before doing nucleic acid testing?

①. No food for two hours before sampling, but full drinking

②, half an hour before sampling, do not eat gum, sputum, do not chew betel nuts, etc.

③Be sure to wear a mask when queuing for sampling, and keep an interval of not less than 1 meter between people

④. Know the testing process in advance. If you cannot do a nasal swab, you should communicate with the sampling doctor in advance.

⑤. Wear personal valid certificates. Nucleic acid testing requires real-name testing

⑥. If you have a sensitive oral cavity when doing an oropharyngeal swab, you need to wear a bag that can hold vomit.

Does nucleic acid testing affect drinking?

Because the nucleic acid detection substance is the nucleic acid of the virus, and alcohol has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Drinking alcohol during nucleic acid detection will affect the virus in the pharynx, which will affect the accuracy of sampling and lead to the possibility of false negatives in the test results. . If it is actually positive, it will not only delay the patient's best treatment time, but also increase the risk of infection for people around the patient, so drinking has an impact on nucleic acid testing.

How long does it take for a nucleic acid test after drinking?

The recommendation is to perform the test after 24 hours. Because drinking will affect the results of nucleic acid testing, it needs to be basically metabolized after drinking, and the rate of alcohol metabolism is relatively slow, so it is recommended to perform the test 24 hours after drinking. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to drink a lot of water to promote the excretion of urine before the test, which can effectively help remove the residue of alcohol in the intestines, or eat some foods that have the effect of decomposing alcohol, which can metabolize alcohol more completely go out.

Can I eat after the nucleic acid test?

After the nucleic acid test, you can eat. When the nucleic acid test is sampled, use a swab to dip the secretions in the pharynx and send it for inspection. It will not cause trauma to the human body, so it will not affect the normal diet and life after the inspection. , So you can eat after the nucleic acid test. However, some people with sensitive pharynx may experience discomfort such as nausea and vomiting after sampling. It is recommended that such people eat some light diet after testing, so as not to cause further irritation to the stomach and cause discomfort.

Is there any impact on nucleic acid testing if I have a cold?

The nucleic acid test of the new coronavirus has no effect on colds. Because nucleic acid testing is mainly to detect the virus’s genes accordingly to find out the nature of the virus, it is mainly used as a standard for diagnosing new coronavirus pneumonia, and the cold may be a kind of other virus, such as rhinovirus, cytomegalovirus There is no crossover between it and the new coronavirus, and the DNA is not the same, so whether you have a cold has no effect on the results of nucleic acid detection.