Acridine ester chemiluminescence detection of cytokines

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The detection of cytokines by acridinium ester chemiluminescence method is an important in vitro diagnostic technique, which can study the physiological and pathological processes of immune regulation, inflammatory response, tumor metastasis, etc. in the process of immune response. It is important in in vitro diagnosis, efficacy judgment, and treatment monitoring. significance.

Advantages of acridinium esters in detecting cytokines

The content of cytokines in the body is very small, and it is difficult to detect with general detection methods. However, the chemiluminescence method has ultra-high sensitivity and high degree of automation, which is suitable for the detection of cytokines. Chemiluminescence detection methods include enzymatic chemiluminescence (luminol is the substrate of alkaline phosphatase), direct chemiluminescence of acridinium ester, and electrochemiluminescence (ruthenium terpyridine). Electrochemiluminescence requires very high equipment cost. Relatively speaking, acridinium ester chemiluminescence has advantages, and it can emit light directly without enzyme catalysis.

Introduction to Cytokines

Cytokines are a general term for polypeptides (or small molecular protein substances) with biological activity secreted by cells. The types can be divided into interleukins, tumor necrosis factors, interferons, colony stimulating factors, growth factors, and chemokines. Cytokines mediate innate immunity, mediate and regulate specific immune responses, induce cell apoptosis, and stimulate hematopoiesis. They play an important role in the body's defense mechanism and acute phase response. Its activity and concentration detection methods include biological detection, cell proliferation method, target cell killing method and cytokine-induced product analysis method.

In the past, cytokine detection kits mostly used enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The disadvantage of using enzyme-linked immunoassay for detection is that horseradish peroxidase or alkaline phosphate markers are easy to inactivate, the chromogenic substrate is easy to decompose when exposed to light, and the sensitivity is low. It has a certain cross-reactivity to compounds with similar structures, causing the test The result is not accurate. And now sampling acridinium ester chemiluminescence detection method can improve many problems of enzyme-linked immunoassay.

In addition to labeling and detecting cytokines, the acridinium ester chemiluminescence method can also be used for the labeling and detection of new crown antibodies. It is a highly sensitive and highly automated antibody detection method. Desheng has developed six different acridinium ester or acridine sulfonamide reagents based on the difference of labeled proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids and other macromolecules.