Why does carbomer 940 appear white flocs when in use

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Carbomer 940 is a water-soluble polymer used in many industries as emulsifying, stabilizing, suspending, and thickening. It is also used as a gelling agent in hand sanitizer gels and other products. Carbomer comes in many different grades and is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries, including gels, creams and lotions, detergents and air fresheners. The gel effect is activated in two stages, the first is the dispersion and hydration of Carbopol, and the second is to "neutralize" the solution by adding chemicals that increase the pH. Neutralizers include triethanolamine, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

Carbomer 940 transparent gel

Carbomer disposable disinfectant gel is mainly made by mixing carbomer 940, alcohol, water, medical glycerin, etc. When preparing, triethanolamine is used to adjust the pH of carbomer to form a transparent gel, and fragrance can also be added剂 etc. When using Carbomer 940 to prepare disposable disinfectant gel, many people will encounter a problem, that is, the carbomer transparent gel with adjusted pH will produce a lot of white flocs after adding alcohol and glycerin. Why is this?

The coexistence of Carbomer 940 and high-concentration alcohol may be problematic. Carbomer 940 cannot be used in a system with too much alcohol. Whitening will occur. The reason for the white flocculation is usually after adding alcohol or glycerin. Changing the dispersion ratio of water and carbomer, alcohol and water are also miscible, which affects the dissolution of carbomer. According to our experience, there are usually several solutions:

1. Add water to make the carbomer gel transparent

If there are less floccules after adding alcohol, you can try adding a small amount of water and stirring. If the flocculation is significantly reduced, you can continue to add an appropriate amount of water and stir evenly until the carbomer gel returns to transparency.

2. Reduce the alcohol concentration in the carbomer gel

Carbomer 940 is easy to whiten when used in a system with an alcohol content of more than 50%. You can reduce the amount of alcohol or add it in small amounts or multiple times; or do not add triethanolamine at the beginning. After adding ethanol and glycerin, add it in drops Triethanolamine adjusts the pH. According to experience, it is usually appropriate to formulate an alcohol concentration of about 65%. If it is 75%, it is easier to whiten. You can also try to reduce the amount of alcohol and add a small amount of it multiple times, maybe the problem can be solved.

3. It is best to do a sample experiment first before mass production. During the sample test, the problems that occur are recorded in time and remedied according to the above methods, so that it will not cause more serious consequences during mass production. Remember The success rate of configuring to an alcohol concentration of about 65% is relatively high. This is also the reason why most of the gel-free disinfectants on the market have a concentration of 65%.

The above are the techniques and solutions to related problems of using Carbomer 940 to make a non-washing disinfectant transparent gel. According to the above method, the prepared disinfectant gel can be made with high transparency, good viscosity, and rapid disinfection. Desheng is the manufacturer of Carbomer 940 and 980. There are many domestic and foreign cooperative customers. Most of them are used to make disposable gels and skin care products, which generally reflect that the product quality is trustworthy.