Direct sales of Desheng virus transporattion medium series products

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With the increase in new local cases in Fujian, the prevention and control of the new crown has become tense again. Due to the urgency of nucleic acid screening, the demand for disease-toxin preservation solutions in Fujian has increased. Yesterday, Desheng has quickly supplied a demand overnight. With a 6-ton enterprise, the disease-toxin preservation solution is specially used for various diseases-toxins, related samples and various swabs (oral Swabs, throat swabs, nasal swabs, vaginal swabs, etc.) are collected and transported at room temperature. Next, let’s look at several issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing  virus transporattion medium.

Is it easy to grow bacteria

After the preservation solution is stored for a period of time, it is easy to decay and break. The clear preservation solution becomes muddy, moldy, and bacteria grow, which is embarrassing. The reason is that the raw materials are unqualified. Some manufacturers use inferior water instead of purified water in order to obtain greater benefits. After a period of storage, customers will find that something is wrong, and the replacement is small. Discovery will have an impact on the results. This impact is fatal, so production and quality control are no small matter. Of course, as long as it is a regular manufacturer, it can deal with it calmly.

Is the price reasonable

If you don’t compare the manufacturers, the way to judge the price directly based on subjective ideas is to be hooligan, so you must compare the manufacturers more and understand the market conditions. Generally speaking, the price and the order quantity are relative, and the higher the quantity, the lower the price. I believe everyone knows the truth. Don’t ask the price of the disease-venom preservation solution as soon as it comes up. Ask the order quantity and ask three questions. This is embarrassing the manufacturer. You buy a ton or buy a 25L virus-toxin. The price of preservation solution is definitely different.

Can the color be customized

Nowadays, more and more businesses not only value quality, but also value “appearance”. Some need pink, some need red. Powerful virus-preserving liquid manufacturers can customize colors according to customer requirements, not to exaggerate. Under the premise of describing the facts, the main role of phenol red in the disease-toxin preservation solution is still as a pH indicator. It is not a necessary ingredient. Therefore, according to the needs of different manufacturers, Desheng provides poison preservation solutions in addition to red and pink. Colorless and transparent.

At present, Desheng's supply speed is still very fast, with a daily output of about 3 tons. There is no excessive bacterial growth at present, and the price is very competitive. For customers with a demand of more than one ton, a very low price can be offered. Welcome to consult and purchase!