Is it really difficult to find acridine ester manufacturers?

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Recently, a business friend has been complaining about the difficulty of finding acridine ester manufacturers. It is either a distributor or an incomplete acridine ester category. In order to avoid such problems, most of my friends are now directly searching for their products on professional chemical platforms. The product is needed, but it does not solve the fundamental problem. Although there are overwhelming advertisements on the market for acridinium esters, few reliable manufacturers can be found.

The reason is that the lack of stock is the fundamental problem, followed by product quality. Some customers do not have a clear understanding of traders and middlemen. Even if they find the right manufacturer, they cannot judge the quality in time. In fact, it is not difficult to find acridine ester manufacturers, just see if you have tried to sum it up. Here we recommend a more reliable manufacturer of acridine esters-Hubei Xindesheng, the reasons for the recommendation are as follows.

1. Sufficient inventory. This is a very big advantage. Maybe you can find a lot of manufacturer information when you search for NSP-DMAE-NHS manufacturers on the Internet, but when you really want to purchase, you will find that there are real stocks. In fact, there are very few manufacturers, and this situation will not happen in Desheng. Even if the inventory is sold out, Desheng has a professional R&D team, which can quickly produce in a short time and ensure timely delivery to customers. .

2. With a complete range of products, Desheng Biochemical is one of the few manufacturers specializing in chemiluminescence reagents, especially the acridinium ester series. Desheng acridinium products have 6 different groups, and each group has different characteristics. The same, to meet all kinds of testing needs. The conventional acridine ester series include DMAE-NHS, NSP-DMAE-NHS, NSP-SA, NSP-SA-NHS, NSP-SA-ADH, ME-DMAE-NHS, and the NHS group does not participate in the chemiluminescence reaction, but It is a key group for acridine esters to directly label and cross-link proteins, antibodies or enzymes.

3. Professional customer service, don’t underestimate our customer service. All of them are experts in the industry. If the customer asks: which acridinium ester has the highest marking efficiency, which acridinium ester sells the best , What are the acridine ester pre-priming liquid and the priming liquid, then Desheng definitely has a say, and will select the right product for you according to your experiment. If you are not willing to ask other companies, I believe you will choose to look back to Desheng soon, because Desheng will let you buy with confidence and peace of mind.

As a direct manufacturer of acridine esters, Desheng has always wanted to provide customers with better service and prices, but few can find us. Although Desheng did not start early in the field of chemiluminescence technology in China, but with With the continuous upgrading of technology and the continuous development of scientific research personnel, the current development is extremely fast, and many "loyal customers" have been accumulated. The author believes that in the next 5 or 10 years, Desheng will surely gain a place in the field of chemiluminescence and be able to go international.