Congratulations to Desheng Chemical for breaking through the sales mark of 20 tons of carbomer

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The magpie climbs the branches to announce the good news, and the breeze blows the willows and pear blossoms. On June23, 2021, Desheng Biochemical completed the finishing work of 20 tons of carbomer under the solidarity of Desheng people. At the beginning of the epidemic, Desheng organized all employees to carry out plant renovation and equipment upgrades. Increasing production capacity expansion is our starting point, but it is not our end point. We hope to provide quality products to more customers while ensuring product quality.


There are many carbomer manufacturers in China, and the customers finally chose Desheng after "level selection". Only Desheng people know the hardships in this process. No one can succeed casually. Desheng can finally win the trust of customers. Derived from reliable quality and professional services. In terms of product quality, Desun has invested a lot of capital, manpower and material resources to strictly monitor all aspects of production. The carbomer raw materials produced are qualified and up to the standard, and the transparency and viscosity are comparable. International brand. The sales of the 20 tons of carbomers this time were also bought in large quantities after the customers were provided with samples and passed the test.


Manager Wang, who is in charge of this procurement task, said that because of the relatively large purchase volume, he has repeatedly compared manufacturers, not only the products, but also the degree of professionalism of the manufacturers. Desheng has a detail that can particularly impress him. No matter what questions are raised, Desheng has professional technical customers to answer in time. Even if the entire product sales task has been completed, the customer service will follow up on various problems in use and raise them in time. Reasonable solutions. From this point of view, it is more appropriate for customers to choose some Carbomer raw materials companies with good market reputation and more professional sales services.


 At present, the variety of carbomers in my country is relatively complete, but compared with advanced foreign counterparts, there are still gaps in production scale, process control and some products with special performance requirements, especially in process control and quality stability. Desheng adopts more advanced automated control systems to ensure that the product process control can be consistent with imported brands, and that the product quality can strive to reach the level of foreign manufacturers. This is the top priority and the foundation of Carbomer's development.


As a professional carbomer manufacturer Desheng will not be proud of its small success this time. Desheng will continue to work hard to provide customers with products with better quality. I believe that there is a professional quality inspection department to ensure Product quality, professional after-sales team to ensure service, free samples can apply for trial, more and more customers will choose us!