Purification of Tris and its application in biochemical field

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Tris, also known as tromethamine(tris), has applications in organic synthesis, coatings, fireproof materials, biochemical and pharmaceutical fields. Among them, the purity of Tris used in industry will be slightly lower, and it needs further purification in the biochemical field. In the biochemical field, it is mainly used as a biological buffer.


Industrial grade Tris purification method

When Tris is used as a biological buffer, an analytically pure reagent is required. If it is an industrial grade Tris, it can be purified to make it an analytically pure reagent. Purification steps: Dissolve Tris in a 2:3 methanol solution at 60 degrees, then add 1% Tris mass activated carbon, keep at 50 degrees for half an hour, and then filter while hot. The filtrate is concentrated and crystallized under reduced pressure at 80 degrees to separate the crystals. After rinsing with absolute alcohol, high purity tromethamine Tris reagent can be obtained after drying.

Purification and Biological Application of Tris


Tris for biological buffer

In biochemical experiments, Tris is the most commonly used buffer after phosphate buffer. It is usually used with acid to maintain the pH of the reaction system. Commonly used are Tris hydrochloric acid buffer, Tris acetate buffer, and Combine with glycine, boric acid, malic acid, etc. to form a buffer system. Enzymes are involved in most of the in vitro diagnostic tests, and a proper pH is needed to play the catalytic role of enzymes. In the past, phosphate buffer was the most commonly used solution, but in a system containing metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, phosphate would form a precipitate. At this time, Tris buffer would not produce a precipitate.


Tris for protein purification

Tris is a good solvent for protein, and it can maintain the appropriate pH value of the protein, keep the spatial structure of the protein unchanged, and prevent protein denaturation. Proteomics is to further understand the mechanism of life activity and the molecular mechanism of disease occurrence from the level of proteomics. In the research of proteomics, protein extraction is one of the most basic and critical links. Tris is the protein extraction process. Commonly used reagents.


In addition, Tris can also be used for nucleic acid DNA electrophoresis experiments. The electrophoresis buffer in DNA agarose gel electrophoresis or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is a Tris buffer system, such as TAE, TBE or even TPE. Desheng is the manufacturer of Tris, has mature Tris production and purification technology, and can provide industrial grade and analytical pure reagents.