What is the melting point of the biological buffer? How to maintain pH?

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Most chemical reactions are severely affected by changes in the pH of the solution. Biological buffers (Tris, Hepes, Mops, etc.) allow researchers to maintain control of the pH of the solution by controlling protons.


When conducting biological and chemical experiments, a constant pH value is usually required. A good buffer can be used to maintain the pH at a constant value to achieve working conditions. This means that the buffer is a solution that is added with a small amount of acid or base or can resist pH changes. Therefore, the biological buffer is the best solution for stable pH.


Desheng company has long-term research on these biological buffers and has some relevant data, and will share and discuss with you in the following.

Biological buffering agent            Buffering range               Melting point

BIS-Tris      5.8-7.2     103-104℃

Tris-HCL  7.2-9.0  150-151℃

BES        6.4-7.8      152-154℃

Tris      7.2-9.0      171-172℃

Bicine      7.6-9.0        190℃

DIPSO      7.0-8.2    190-195℃

HEPES      6.8-8.2    212.6℃

TAPSO      7.0-8.2  220-222℃

TES      6.8-8.2  223-225℃

HEPPS      7.3-8.7      237-239℃

TAPS      7.7-9.1       >240℃

MOPSO      6.2-7.6  273-274℃

MOPS      6.5-7.9       >277℃

CAPS      9.7-11.1   >300℃

CAPSO      8.9-10.3       >300℃

MES  5.5-6.7   >300℃

PIPES      6.1-7.5   >300℃

PIPPS          6.8-9.2   >300℃


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