Is the product quality good or the service good? Is it impossible to have both fish and bear paws?

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In fact, as consumers, no matter what they buy (daily necessities or scientific research reagents), everyone hopes that the products they buy are of good quality, and at the same time have a comfortable shopping experience and after-sales guarantee. This is human nature, but there are also some bad manufacturers (service providers) on the Internet that often throw out such a wrong concept, trying to instill in consumers: either the product is good or the service is good, and it is impossible to have both fish and bear's paws.


In the biological industry, such voices can also be heard, but Desheng Biological believes that the above statement is actually a false proposition! You can have both fish and bear paws. Because we can provide customers with high-quality products, we should also provide customers with high-quality services. This is the basic quality of an excellent supplier. Desheng is willing to clean up the source of the biological industry and dedicate its own strength.

1. How does Desheng guarantee high-quality products?

As the saying goes, there is a cause, there must be an effect: the cause of one thing must be the result of the development of another thing. Desheng is committed to providing high-quality products, so raw materials for making high-quality products are inevitably needed. Desheng insists on complying with the procurement of raw materials: do not choose shoddy raw materials, do not choose raw materials of poor quality, and do not choose similar raw materials. First, we should fundamentally contain the problem, and then control the quality of the product during the production process. It must be qualified if it leaves the factory, and the quality must be qualified.


2. How does Desheng provide high-quality services?

Desheng is composed of a group of small partners who are full of passion, professionalism and service concept! Our service philosophy is: the problems that belong to us, we do not hesitate to assume; the problems that do not belong to us, we do our best to help customers solve them; the problems that cannot be distinguished belong to us. In the course of more than 10 years in the industry, solving problems for customers has always been the source of the sense of achievement of Desheng sales and technology.