What is the role of HEPES in cosmetics?

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In this era, cosmetics are commonly used products for both men and women. As the public has upgraded the efficacy of cosmetics, more attention has been paid to the ingredients of cosmetics. More and more cosmetic additives are gradually revealed in advertising and ingredient lists, and do these additives really have an extraordinary effect like the business advertises? And in the ingredient lists of many brand cosmetics, it is found that almost all contain Hepes ingredients, then what is the role of Hepes? Make cosmetics business so beloved?



Full Chinese name: 4-hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid

Full English name: 4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazineethanesulfonic acid

Molecular formula: C8H18N2O4S

Molecular weight: 238.31


Hepes is a non-ionic two-component buffer, which has a good buffering capacity in the range of pH 6.8-8.2. Commonly used in cell culture media, DNA and RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits, Hepes is a cosmetic ingredient with EWG green certification, and Hepes can control a constant pH range for a long time and is harmless to cells, so Hepes often Used in cosmetics, it has the advantages of mildness and non-toxicity, and is widely loved by major manufacturers.


The main role of Hepes in cosmetics can be roughly divided into four categories.

1. Hepes can be used as a PH regulator to control the PH range of cosmetics for a long time, and better maintain the activity of microbial fermentation product extracts. Effectively extend and maintain the quality of cosmetics.

2. Hepes can be used as a penetration enhancer to make cosmetics better absorb on the surface of human skin, so that cosmetics have the characteristics of quick onset, low dosage and good absorption.

3. Hepes also has the effect of softening cutin and further promoting cell metabolism. It can interact with other ingredients in cosmetics to gently remove old keratinocytes and make cosmetics have a whitening and smooth skin effect.

4. Hepes also has the effect of sun protection and skin protection, which can improve skin texture, enlarged pores and other problems.


Hepes has so many benefits in cosmetics, no wonder cosmetics merchants love it. While Hepes has so many roles in cosmetics, it actually has more applications and advantages in other fields. If you want to learn more about Hepes, you can contact the customer service on the official website of Hubei Xindesheng Materials Co., Ltd. or check the product page and news page on the official website for details. If you are interested in Desheng's products, please contact customer service directly. Desheng is a professional chemical raw material manufacturer. Desheng welcomes your visit.