A trio of carbomer, TRIS and HEPES in cosmetics

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Confucius said: There must be my teacher for a threesome. Choose the good ones and follow them, and change the bad ones. This sentence is also worthy of attention when used in carbomer, TRIS and HEPES in cosmetics. This also starts from their respective roles in cosmetics. Because carbomer, TRIS and HEPES all have their own effects in cosmetics, just like five fingers have their own lengths, don't ignore any of them.



1. It has high-efficiency and long-lasting suspension stability. Compared with cellulose and guar gum, it has higher suspension stability;

2. Improve foam stability in low foam system;

3. It has salt tolerance, and can still maintain a high viscosity in a system with salt;

4. Good antiseptic performance, not easy to be decomposed by microorganisms, and easy to store;

5. It has excellent rheology, can adjust the viscosity of the product, improve the thixotropy of the gel system, and improve the stability of the product.



1. The main role played in cosmetics is to adjust the PH value of the product;

2. TRIS is also commonly used to neutralize thickeners, improve the cell respiration efficiency of facial skin, and avoid clogged pores;

3. TRIS is also a dissolution enhancer of salicylic acid, which can avoid the precipitation of salicylic acid, thereby ensuring the stability of the product;

4. TRIS also plays a role in odor regulation, avoiding any residual or sustained odor release.



1. As a penetration enhancer, it can promote the transdermal absorption of various functional components in cosmetics;

2. It has the effect of softening cutin, promoting cell metabolism, achieving smooth, soft skin and brightening skin tone;

3. HEPES can stabilize the PH range of skin care products for a long time;

4. Better maintain the activity of the microbial fermentation product extract, so that the anti-aging effect of the product lasts for a long time;

5. HEPES has the effect of synergistic sun protection and strengthening the skin barrier.