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What is chromogen for many people? What is TOOS? This question is really difficult to answer. As for the purpose of TOOS and what items can be tested, it is unheard of. In fact, it is not far away from our lives. First of all, I will share with you briefly through my study in Desheng.

What items can TOOS detect?

TOOS can be used in blood glucose testing projects, in the blood glucose metabolism project for the preparation of glucose testing reagents, glycosylated albumin testing reagents, etc., and can also be used for routine liver function inspection projects. It is compatible with bovine serum albumin and disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate. And other components of adenosine deaminase detection reagents have the advantages of good color development, rapid response, stability, and high measurement precision. In addition, TOOS is also used in diagnostic reagents for triglyceride and cholesterol detection, and is used in clinical It has important value in diagnosis.

Precautions for using TOOS

TOOS is reductive. Although peroxidase is needed for detection, the enzyme is its catalytic function. Without enzyme, it may be slowly oxidized when it meets oxygen in the air after being prepared into a solution. . The chromogen substrate needs to be prepared into a solution when used. The chromogen substrate produced by Desheng is a pure white powder, which is sealed and stored. After the solution is prepared, it should be prepared for immediate use. It will slowly oxidize and change color when it is in contact with the air for a long time.


Application characteristics of TOOS

1. In terms of the fading of the color product, the absorbance of the color reaction product formed by TOOS does not change much with time, that is, the color reaction product is stable and not easy to fade

2. TOOS has good performance in absorption wavelength, color reaction intensity and fading, so TOOS is the most commonly used.

3. The TOOS molar absorbance is high, and it can be used to determine the very small amount of test items in the serum. If some test items are between 550nm and 600nm and the content is extremely small, then MAOS, MADB are needed.

What are the advantages of TOOS

The chromogen substrate TOOS developed by Desheng Technology has the characteristics of high purity, high water solubility, and less interference impurity ions. It is ready to use when used and is very convenient. It not only has good crystal morphology, but also has better color reaction strength and fading. Good performance, welcome the majority of scientific research workers and distributor colleagues to come to consult and purchase