Application of Chemiluminescence Method in the Detection of New Coronary Antibody

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Since the beginning of the new year, the situation of the new crown epidemic in various countries and regions in the world has gradually improved, and the epidemic has been controlled. The new crown detection method has developed nucleic acid detection, antibody detection, antigen detection, and clinical detection. Chemiluminescence immunoassay is one of the antibody detection methods. An important means of analysis and detection.


Colloidal gold method and chemiluminescence method antibody detection:

After the gradual promotion of vaccines, the proportion of antibody detection has gradually increased, and the proportion of nucleic acid detection has decreased slightly. Antibody detection methods include: colloidal gold-based POCT method and chemiluminescence method. The sensitivity of the chemiluminescence method in the detection of new crown antibodies is much higher than that of the colloidal gold method.

Chemiluminescence method for antigen or antibody detection

Advantages of chemiluminescence detection:

Compared with immunodiagnostic methods such as colloidal gold and enzyme-linked immunoassay, chemiluminescence method has systemic advantages in terms of safety, high degree of automation, test accuracy, and test speed. It is currently the mainstream detection method for immunodiagnosis. According to the different markers, it can be divided into direct chemiluminescence immunoassay, chemiluminescence enzyme-linked immunoassay and electrochemiluminescence analysis. Luminol reagents and acridinium ester reagents belong to this class of chemiluminescent reagents.


Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) is a technique that combines immune response and chemiluminescence reaction to detect antigen or antibody. It is to label the luminescent substance or enzyme on the antigen or antibody. After the immune reaction is over, add oxidant or enzyme substrate to emit light. By measuring the intensity of emitted light, the concentration of the test substance is determined according to the standard curve. The main advantages of CLIA are high sensitivity, long validity period of markers, wide detection range, and full automation.


Chemiluminescence reagent luminol and acridinium ester:

The chemiluminescence of luminol reagent requires the catalysis of peroxidase HRP, which is usually completed on the microtiter plate of the microtiter plate, which belongs to plate chemiluminescence. In contrast, the advantages of acridine ester luminescent agents are: chemiluminescence is not It needs a catalyst and can emit light in a dilute alkaline solution with H2O2. It has many advantages. In particular, it does not require a catalytic process or an enhancer, thereby reducing the background luminescence, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and having less interference.


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