IVD liquid auxiliary reagents such as buffer, electrophoresis solution, virus transport media, etc.

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In the field of in vitro diagnostic ivd, there are many reagents used, such as buffer Tris, electrophoresis solution TAE, sample preservation solution, etc. These can be called in vitro diagnostic reagent liquid auxiliary reagents, so what are the commonly used auxiliary reagents specifically?


In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent Liquid Auxiliary Reagent refers to a type of product that plays an auxiliary role in in vitro diagnostic testing, does not participate or indirectly participates in the detection reaction, but is indispensable in completing the entire in vitro diagnostic testing project process. When they indirectly participate in the reaction, they mainly provide the necessary reaction conditions and environment for the specific detection reaction, or only participate in the non-specific and systematic common reaction in the detection reaction.



Ivd liquid auxiliary reagents-buffer, substrate solution, sample preservation solution, etc.

Auxiliary reagents mainly include: cleaning solution, reaction substance dissolving solution, reaction substance diluent, sample pretreatment solution, sample preservation solution, buffer solution, staining solution and its blocking agent, color developing solution, second antibody solution (the second in this article) The antibody solution does not contain the second specific antibody that directly participates in the reaction to form a diabody sandwich) and so on.


Common in vitro diagnostic reagents and liquid auxiliary reagents:

1. Buffer. It only provides a reaction environment for the detection reaction, and the buffer does not participate in the detection reaction. It can be divided into general buffer and special buffer.


Universal buffer, which can provide a reaction environment for one or more reaction systems. Such as: "acidic reagents and alkaline reagents for automatic chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer", the main components are auxiliary reagents of hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide respectively, which provide redox requirements in the random reagent reaction of the automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay The acid-base environment.


Dedicated buffer, only suitable for a specific reaction buffer. For example, the imported product "Neutral Test Card" consists of 6 reaction columns with buffer and glass beads. It is an optimized synergist for direct detection of enzyme-treated cells.


2. Chromogenic solution/substrate solution/stop solution. A type of reagent that can bind to the complex produced by the detection reaction and make it emit or stop emitting a specific signal, and then detect the signal through a specific detection instrument to calculate the presence or absence of the test object. Such as: the substrate solution TMP and its termination solution for enzyme labeling analysis, the chemiluminescence substrate acridinium ester solution and its enhancer, and the enhancement solution for time-resolved fluorescence detection.


3. virus transport media. It is used for the preservation of samples after taking samples from the body to be tested to before clinical testing to ensure the stability of the tested substances. Such as; tissue preservation solution, liquid-based cell preservation solution, viral nucleic acid preservation solution, etc.


4. Cleaning fluid. It is used to clean the reagents of instrument pipelines and parts or reaction system in the detection reaction.


The above-mentioned several are more commonly used auxiliary reagents. Desheng is an enterprise specializing in the production of in vitro diagnostic reagent raw materials. It provides buffers Tris, Bicine, luminescent reagent acridinium ester,virus transport media and other raw materials.