Results in 22 minutes! Chemiluminescence new crown detection kit

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The detection of the new coronavirus is mainly through PCR amplification of viral nucleic acid. However, in addition to nucleic acid detection, various research and development institutions have also successively developed methods for virus antibody detection and virus specific protein detection. Recently, Shenzhen University has successfully developed a chemiluminescence new crown detection kit, and the test results can be obtained in 22 minutes!


On the evening of February 10, the world's first single-person chemiluminescence detection kit for novel coronavirus IgM and IgG antibodies jointly developed by Shenzhen University and multiple scientific research institutions announced its success.

Chemiluminescence new crown detection kit results in 22 minutes


According to the news, a single copy of the new coronavirus IgM and IgG antibody chemiluminescence detection kit has completed the detection of 30 new coronavirus pneumonia patients in the local hospital. Chemiluminescence antibody detection is different from virus nucleic acid detection. This kit detects the new coronavirus-specific IgM/IgG antibody in the blood of the infected person, and can complete the rapid diagnosis of new coronavirus infection in 22 minutes.


The test kit developed this time is to detect the antibodies produced by the patient's immune response to the infected virus, not the virus itself (such as viral nucleic acid). This also avoids the risk of secondary infection caused by virus samples for the inspectors and the inspection environment.


Viral nucleic acid detection:

Viral nucleic acid detection is to place a virus sample in a sampling tube with a virus preservation solution, and transfer it to a nucleic acid testing laboratory to perform RNA reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR for detection. Whether the preservation solution for processing virus samples is inactivated or non-inactivated, the nucleic acid RNA of the virus can be retained, and the object of detection is RNA.


Virus antibody detection:

The object of antibody testing is not a virus sample, but a blood sample (or other body fluid) of the subject. The sampling method is through blood collection tubes or other methods. This is the use of the human body’s immune response mechanism. After a person is infected with the new coronavirus, specific antibodies will be produced in the body. As long as the specific antibodies are detected, it can indicate that they have been infected with the new coronavirus.


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