High-quality virus transport media manufacturers should choose this way!

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A sudden epidemic caused the virus transport media, and more and more merchants value this market. Therefore, batches of virus preservation solution manufacturers have emerged on the market. This is bound to dazzle purchasers. How to choose high-quality products The manufacturer of the virus transport media is a very important issue. Desheng tells you several issues that you should pay attention to when purchasing.


1. Is there enough cooperating manufacturers?

Whether the product quality is good or not, one depends on the sales volume and the other on the cooperative customers. If there are many cooperative customers and the sales volume is considerable, then the reputation of this manufacturer in the industry must be very good. Desheng's virus preservation solution has sold a total of 100 Wansheng relies on the trust of customers in the quality of Desheng. After using Desheng's virus preservation solution, many customers feel very satisfied with the quality and price, and recommend it to other customers. Bai, Desheng's reputation continues to spread in the industry, and the number of customers and sales gradually increase.

2. Is there enough stock and whether the delivery is timely

During the epidemic, the demand for virus preservation solution is huge, and many customers' inquiries are more than 1,000 liters. If there is no sufficient stock to support, customers will choose other manufacturers in a blink of an eye, even if they are willing to wait, when the goods are insufficient Under the conditions, if the delivery cycle is long, on the one hand, it will harm the interests of customers. On the other hand, the customer's sense of purchase experience will be very bad. After the equipment upgrade and transformation, the monthly output can reach the ton level. The delivery is very timely, so don't worry about it at all.


3. Is it possible to provide trial equipment?

Manufacturers who can provide trial kits come from a high level of trust in their own quality. Desheng believes that only good product quality can tell you with confidence that if you have doubts about the quality of the product, you can try it first. If the trial is good and natural I will come to you to order in large quantities. If the trial is not good, we will do it to make you feel good. Desun can provide trial equipment. Whether the product is good or not, we will know after the trial. Desheng believes that good wine is not afraid of deep alleys, and good products are not afraid of trial.


Desheng took action during the epidemic to ensure the supply of virus preservation solution in the market. There are currently two models. The inactivated type is characterized by protecting the nucleic acid of the virus, and the non-inactivated type is protecting the integrity of the entire virus. Everyone Can be inspected according to Selection of test requirements.