What you should know about coagulants

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Coagulation accelerators can also be called blood coagulation accelerators, which can shorten the coagulation process and achieve the purpose of rapid separation of serum. Blood coagulation accelerators greatly improve the work efficiency of some medical tests.


Generally, blood coagulant is a kind of suspension (the mixture is distributed in which is not dissolved) liquid made of thrombin, alcohol, silica powder, emulsifier and surfactant. It is generally used in vacuum blood collection tubes or injection blood collection tubes to help laboratory personnel complete multiple operations such as blood collection, serum separation, and sample transfer in the same vessel.


The general working principle of a coagulant is: it can activate part of the coagulation factors in platelets, thereby promoting the production of thromboplastin and fibrin clots, accelerating the contraction of blood clots, and achieving the purpose of rapid serum separation.

There are four commonly used accelerators on the market

1. Blood coagulation-activated enzyme coagulant: It is a biological coagulant, which can drive blood cells to coagulate through coagulated plasma, and form blood clots through fibrin reticulation of blood cells. The advantage is that the coagulation speed is fast, but at the same time, it is not easy to store because of the properties of enzymes.


2.Rabbit brain powder coagulant: It is a biological type coagulant. The coagulation mechanism is similar to that of coagulation-activated enzyme coagulant. The coagulation speed is fast. It is also greatly affected by temperature changes and is not easy to store.


3. Inorganic coagulant: the main components are silica powder, quartz powder, diatomaceous earth, etc., among which the main coagulation component is silica, which is slower than thrombin coagulant, but it is easy to store and relatively cost-effective Lower.


4. Lectin accelerator: Lectin is a kind of protein with gelling properties (under certain conditions, protein colloids lose fluidity and protein molecules aggregate into a network) protein, which can react with antigens in the blood to cause red blood cells. Agglutination.


Generally speaking, thrombin-type blood coagulation accelerators are not easy to transport and store because they are susceptible to temperature. They are more commonly used in emergency medical records and urgent medical examinations. In other cases, inorganic coagulants and lectin coagulants are relatively more widely used.


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