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The chemical name of the biological buffer (HEPES) product is: 4-hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid. The product is a white crystalline powder, which can be used as a biological buffer and pharmaceutical intermediate. The product is made of chemical products as raw materials, and is refined through multi-step unit operations such as extraction, crystallization, coupling and separation under the action of high temperature, certain pressure and catalyst. It is a high-quality, high-tech biochemical product in biological research. The biological buffer (HEPES) produced by Desheng is widely used in clinical laboratory diagnostic reagents, life science research, pharmacy and biotechnology and many other fields. Its advantages are: high purity (≥99%), good water solubility, stable process, strong logistics capabilities, and rich export experience.


Biological buffer (HEPES) production process

The key to the production of HEPES biological buffer technology lies in the effect of the phase change of HEPES in the reaction on its cost and quality. A few years ago, domestic R&D and production technology used organic solvents (from solid to liquid-wet method) for trial production. The amount of solvent used in wet process is large, evaporation consumes a lot of energy, and the solvent has residues in the final product. The color and content are outside the lower limit of the international standard. The product is of poorer quality and higher consumption than the product on the international market. The produced biological buffer has a high cost and is not competitive in the market.


In the past few years, domestic production technology has been making breakthroughs. Nowadays, biological buffer products are innovated in phase change in the production. The process technology does not require high temperature and high pressure, which saves energy and improves product quality, so that the color and purity of the product reach international standards. Desheng has never resisted new technological innovations. The production of HEPES has always adhered to high quality and high standards, taking customer needs as the primary standard, and stable cooperation with customers has continued to grow.