The reason for the high sales of Desheng 4-hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid is this!

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Biological buffer HEPES, the product chemical name is 4-hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid. The product is a white crystalline powder. It is a high-quality, high-tech biochemical product in biological research. A good product can only be known after being used. As an established company with more than ten years of experience in the production of HEPES, the confidence given to customers comes from The advantages of all aspects of the product, let us introduce the reasons for the high sales of Desheng 4-hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid.


1. Factory direct sales:

Factory direct sales: The true source manufacturer, Desheng based on research and development, produces high-quality products, can provide a variety of specifications and packaging, and can customize some indicators according to your needs.


2. Reliable quality

Desheng HEPES has a purity of ≥99%, and can provide comprehensive product testing and special testing services according to your application requirements. Dozens of specially-appointed doctors, masters and other scientific research personnel serve as rich technical reserves, and cooperate with several well-known universities to provide a good technical foundation for the company's sustainable development.


3. Advantages of reserves:

Desheng has a professional R&D and production team, specializing in the production of HEPES, with a daily output of 1-2 tons, and advanced production technology and equipment. There will be no long supply cycle or supply outage. For customers, we enjoy the advantage of trial equipment.


4. Export advantages:

Desheng is a professional manufacturer of biological buffers, with strong logistics capabilities and rich export experience. We export to more than 100 countries and have established a long-term cooperation intention.


5. Price advantage

As a high-quality HEPE manufacturer in China, Desheng has a very competitive price, with large quantities and discounts. Not only the price is favorable, but the quality is also trusted by customers.


Desheng has never resisted new technological innovations. The production of HEPES has always adhered to high quality and high standards, taking customer needs as the primary standard, and stable cooperation with customers has continued to grow.