How to produce the high-purity product of cyclohexylamine propanesulfonic acid CAPS

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Cyclohexylamine propane sulfonic acid CAPS, also known as N-cyclohexane-3-aminopropane sulfonic acid, CAS No. 1135-40-6, is a zwitterionic buffer, usually used for DNA, RNA and high molecular weight proteins In experiment. Under standard conditions, the pKa is 10.4 and the molecular weight is 221.31.


Production of high-purity products of cyclohexylamine propanesulfonic acid CAPS  At present, the production and synthesis process of CAPS mainly includes the following types,  which have a decisive effect on the quality of the product CAPS. Using ethanol as the reaction solvent, first dissolve cyclohexylamine in ethanol, and then slowly add propane sultone. Attention should be paid to controlling the feeding rate to keep the reaction temperature at 50 degrees Celsius; after the feeding is completed, the temperature is kept for 4 hours to obtain the crude cyclohexylamine propanesulfonic acid. Dissolve the crude CAPS in hot water and add ethanol to cool and crystallize the CAPS. The crystals are filtered and dried to obtain the finished product. The method is relatively simple, but the obtained finished product has poor absorbance after dissolution, and has suspended matter, and the finished product has low yield and poor quality. \


Use dimethylformamide as a solvent, first dissolve propane sultone, then add cyclohexylamine at a preset speed, keep the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius, after the addition is complete, continue to heat the reaction for a few hours until the reaction is complete, filter and dry it. CAPS crude product. Then dissolve the crude product with hot water, add ethanol, cool to 0°C for precipitation, filter and dry to get the finished product. This CAPS finished product is of relatively higher quality.


Dissolve cyclohexylamine and propane sultone in two different organic solvents respectively, and then pump the two solutions into the microchannel reactor to fully react, and then cool the resulting reaction solution to crystallize the crude CAPS, and pour in nitrogen pressure The filtered product. The process of this method is simple, stable and controllable, the product yield and output are improved, and the required equipment is more advanced.


In addition to the production process affecting the product quality of cyclohexylamine propanesulfonic acid, the raw materials used for synthesis also have an impact, and the impurities in the raw materials will be partly brought into the CAPS finished product. Because Desheng is a manufacturer specializing in the production of this type of biological buffer, the raw materials and equipment used are also specifically for the production of this type of reagent, and it has more advantages in quality control.