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Tris biological buffer is weakly alkaline. It is often used as a basic drug in pharmaceutical excipients to neutralize acidosis and has the advantage of not causing retention and increase of carbon dioxide.

The abbreviation of tris, THAM, tromethamine, ammonium tromethamine, trimethylol methylamine, the conventional use amount is 7.28% tris2-3ml/kg, and then use the same amount of glucose 5- 10% drops slowly. Generally used with agarose gel spots for configuration and use.


How to use tromethamine

First, it needs to be configured into a solution. Take 0.20g of tromethamine and place it in a 10ml volumetric flask to dissolve 1ml of water. Add formaldehyde to the scale during the shaking process. The prepared solution is used as a sample. There are 4 types ; Secondly, use chromatography to take 10M1 of each of the above 4 solutions, and spot them on the same silica gel G plate in methanol, using ammonia-isopropanol (1:9) as the developing solvent, and after development, at 1 05t: dry Then, spray with potassium permanganate color developing solution (take 0.5 g of potassium permanganate, add 100 ml of 10 g/L sodium carbonate solution to dissolve) to develop color, and let it stand for about 10 minutes before testing. Impurity spots should not be deeper than the main spots in the control solution.


Which diseases is tromethamine used for?

Excessive acid production, changes in breathing, and obvious ketone taste in exhalation, shock, high fever, hunger, etc.; excessive alkali loss, dehydration, such as intestinal fistula, biliary fistula, etc. make alkaline digestive juice Excessive loss; decreased acid excretion, sensory and motor disorders; tromethamine is metabolically


Severe use

Tromethamine is an alkaline solution that does not contain sodium ions. It combines with carbon dioxide and other components in body fluids to form HCO3, which can increase body fluid values ​​and cause internal and external effects in cells, correcting severe metabolic problems, and correcting respiratory acidosis .


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