Development of Serum Separation Gum

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Serum separating gel is a viscous fluid with a large number of hydrogen bonds in its structure. Its main function is to intervene blood serum and blood clots in blood vessel harvesting. When serum separating gel has not been developed, who will replace it in blood vessel harvesting? Specific gravity particles have been used in many backward countries up to now.


Since China's development, medical treatment has entered the field of automation, but the production of serum separating gel is still in short supply, many manufacturers can not keep up with the technology. In fact, the earliest separating gel was added silica powder into silicone oil, and then the proportion was adjusted. In 1973, a company in the United States used this raw material to produce separating gel and put it on the market. In 1991, after research in China, it first developed separating gel for haemorrhagic clearance, which has attracted attention of all parties, and achieved completely in medical treatment. The role of segregation is directly applied in clinical practice in the later stage.

Nowadays, serum separation gel blood vessels are also looking for breakthroughs, using different materials to achieve medical innovation, so that the test results are more accurate and clear at a glance.

Wuhan Desheng Biochemical Technology has also gone through 13 years in the research and production of serum separating gel. It has absorbed nutrition in the continuous development, enabling Desheng to take the lead in the technology of serum separating gel in other enterprises, and has made many gains. In 2012 and 2013, it has obtained the patent number of serum separating gel, for different purposes. Effectiveness and strong production products can better meet the needs of medical enterprises.